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Meet Your DA

A voter education campaign holds district attorneys accountable to criminal justice reform

design strategy
illustration George Gascon DA Twitter chatter about DA races
"What we’re trying to achieve with this campaign is very difficult. The only way to be successful is through really smart design and design that’s really focused on user experience. Just to be very blunt, this would not have been possible without [Elefint]."
Ana Zamora
Former Criminal Justice Policy Director, ACLU Northern California
"We loved how [elefint was] able to tackle our new project with lightening speed and efficiency, and yet give us a bold creative vision."
Neelum Arya
"Elefint is excellent to work with and produces exceptional work."
Margaret Dooley-Sammuli
Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Director, ACLU California

3 weeks after the campaign launch...

1,000+ emails
16 mins

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