Project Summary

How can educators use data to drive measurable results in learning? We partnered with THINK Together to create THINK Explore: A microsite dedicated to years of research. Through clear categories and filters, a searchable database, video content, and intuitive left-bar navigation thought leaders in the education reform space, can now find materials to help advance their own programming and research related to scaling solutions in public education. 

Responsive Web Design

Focus Area


Content was strategically grouped into three main categories and color-coded for increased usability.

Discover content in a user-friendly and intuitive way, navigating to related articles without ever having to click back.

Think. Learn. Explore.

An extension of the larger brand, THINK Together Explore set a new standard for the organization. Through full-width ambient videos, an intuitive navigation and careful attention applied to content hierarchy, we turned this content-rich site into a delightful and approachable digital experience.

A Face Lift

In an effort to create a more cohesive brand experience across all major touchpoints, Elefint refreshed THINK Together’s donor-facing website and also developed a detailed style guide, annual report template and infographic to equip their in-house team with the tools needed to expand their brand.