Your brand is what ties people to your organization – is it trustworthy, exciting, professional, innovative? Every organization has a brand, but not every brand communicates what the organization would like it to. We formulate your brand positioning and supporting identity system so that your key audiences can trust and understand you.

UX + Web

Opportunities to do great things in the digital space keep growing. We begin all of our digital projects with strategy and then translate our findings into great user experiences (UX). Once the visual design is created we move into development.


A great infographic can communicate complex data in a way that is engaging, entertaining and even fun. Telling a story with data can be really tricky, but effective infographics and data visualizations do just that. Using great design, these creations can illuminate and inspire.


Motiongraphics are a ton of fun, and a great way to explain stories. In just a few minutes, these videos can convey an amazing amount of information, and can keep the viewer engaged the whole time.


Twenty years ago, no one had a cell phone. In a few years there will be more mobile phones than people. Every year, more and more people access the digital world through new devices like mobiles phones and tablets, so it’s essential to design for this context.


Print is still a big part of the way we take in information. Effective print design allows viewers to slow down and consume information in a way that is beautifully analog. We make sure information is presented as clearly and creatively as possible.

Our Work

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Engaging Bay Area leaders

Making social impact part of your company's identity


Fireworks: Leave it to the pros

A short motion piece about playing safely with fireworks

Brand Elements_Full Color Logomark

Common Impact

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Creating a visual design for the SOCAP 14 conference

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