The Herd

Our team is dedicated to offering exceptional design to address pressing social issues.

Meet our core team

We are supported by some of the best freelance designers in the Bay Area. Our model allows us to customize the perfect team for every project.

Gopika Setlur

Gopika started Elefint as a way to bring thoughtful design to world-changing brands. In addition to leading a multi-disciplinary design team, Gopika also teaches design at CCA and the University of San Francisco, curates events and leads workshops focused on design for social impact. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, GOOD, Wired Italy, and Design Like You Give a Damn. Gopika is an active member of the design community and has given talks at Facebook, Harvard, SXSW, SOCAP, and Net Impact.

This past year Gopika attended Summit at Sea and presented at the SXSW 2017 Conference.

Latest achievements

  • Heading to Oslo Freedom Forum to lead a design workshop for the Yazidi community
  • Last speaking engagement: Women of Facebook Design
  • Designed as part of our latest Desgnit event 
  • Cycled 300+ miles with fellow B Corps 

Abigail Maravalli

Prior to Elefint, Abigail produced social issue documentary films and consulted on audience engagement strategies in Washington D.C. She moved to the Bay for the weather, proximity to the ocean and mountains, and to further her career in storytelling for social impact. At Elefint, Abigail is an expert project manager and works cross-functionally to collaborate with clients, designers and engineering teams. She earned an M.A. in International Relations, a BS in Sociology, and has studied and volunteered throughout the Middle East, India, South Africa, and Brazil.

This past year Abigail attended the B Corps Champions Retreat and presented at the SXSW 2017 Conference.

Latest achievements

  • Organized Desgnit for the ACLU over Memorial Day weekend
  • Lead a workshop with Gopika at SXSW on Design Sprints for Social Good
  • Probably writing a new proposal as we speak… 
  • Proud new mama of Mack the Beabull

Mack Woodson

Mack spends his days snoozing, munching, and shredding up our boxes. He's very eco-friendly. He takes us on daily walks and reminds us to never take life too seriously.

Latest achievements

  • Walked to the top of Potrero Hill to take in the SF skyline
  • Graduated from puppy pre-school, with honors
  • Will gladly do a number of tricks for any sort of treat 
  • Would love to grab a cup of water (or coffee) with you 

Our Advisors

Our core team is supported by talented individuals in the design, tech, and social impact spaces. Over coffee, camping, and walks through San Francisco, our advisors help us maximize our impact on the world.

About Miki

Miki is a senior Product Designer at Facebook’s using design to bring the benefits of connectivity to the portion of the world that doesn‘t have them. Previously at Facebook, he led efforts to increase civic engagement and help people be better connected citizens. He also sits on the board of AIGA.

As an Elefint Advisor

Miki advises Elefint on new services and product lines. He also assists in the curation of our monthly speaker series for social impact, D.Chat.

About Dawn

As Executive Director of the San Francisco chapter of AIGA and San Francisco Design Week, Dawn is eager to help designers stake out their place in the entrepreneurial culture that defines the Bay Area. Her vision for the SF chapter is to build on the passion people bring to the design community, create connections between members and business, foster the cross-pollination of ideas among design disciplines, and ultimately add valuable, meaningful content to the design conversation.

As an Elefint Advisor

As an Elefint Advisor, Dawn helps us think through big ideas related to our events. She also serves as a role model and mentor to our team as we continue to explore the possibilities of designing for social impact.

About Chris

Chris is a designer in San Francisco currently at Pinterest. He runs a small publishing company called Epilogue, which recently launched a new edition of the 1884 classic Flatland.

As an Elefint Advisor

Chris has been a long-standing supporter of Elefint since 2012. He provides strategic direction to our core team, supports our clients through workshops and design, and is a constant source of creativity and encouragement.

About Emma

Emma is the Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. She develops Wellness Initiatives at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and is the author of The Happiness Track.

As an Elefint Advisor

A sought-after speaker on the science of happiness and resilience, Emma offers insights to our team on how to build a more positive studio. We're fortunate to have someone who consults with Fortune 500 leaders and employees advising our small team!

About Nate

Born in Milwaukee, Nate was indoctrinated into a concerned citizenship by parents who met organizing for Cesar Chavez. He was the Art Director on the 2008 Obama Campaign, founding designer at where he led brand and product design. He currently serves as Design Manager at Facebook's social good team.

As an Elefint Advisor

Nate helps us think through growth strategies and effective partnerships while also lending his expertise to our design process.

Inside the Studio

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