Our Work

Clearing Landmines One Field at a Time

Project Summary

The HALO Trust approached us with a high-stakes creative challenge–to create a crowdfunding site to help them clear minefields in post-war torn regions, starting with Nagorno Karabakh. The tone needed to capture the sense of urgency while also being hopeful and inspiring. Since the actual digital approach was ambiguous and time was of the essence, we ran a 3-day design sprint with the client in our San Francisco studio. The goal of the sprint was to 1) Identify the right digital approach; 2) Sketch and re-sketch; and 3) Prototype and deliver a flexible website with accompanying style guide.

Design Sprint
User Experience
Content Strategy
Style Guide
Crowdfunding Platform

Focus Area


Rapid Design + Measurable Results

The first day of the sprint combined high-level strategy with low fidelity sketches outlining possible functionality. We communicated with HALO’s development team throughout the sprint, to ensure our solutions met their capabilities and the client’s budget. Our biggest task on day one, was coming up with the right digital approach. We used our Design Sprint Methodologies and rapid sketching skills, to visualize possible approaches. Working with the client in-house enabled us to work in a fraction of the time it typically takes; feedback was given in real-time, the client was invested in the outcome, and designers delivered more than what was expected! The full platform will launch in mid-September. Here are just a few sneak peaks.

The Outcome

We designed a prototype for a crowdfunding site with a timeline feature and drill down capability that allows people to learn about the region, the initiative, and the people in this community, before choosing to donate to the campaign. The use of authentic photography was juxtaposed with facts around livelihood of the people living in this region.