Our Work

Mitigating Conflict Through Data-Analytics

Project Summary

giStrat uses decision science and predictive analytics to look at some of the most complex problems around the world. As an early stage startup, they came to us with just a name, and lots of ideas and questions about their brand and how best to communicate their complex model. We started off with strategy and then developed a brand–logo, website, and style guide–that their in-house design team could build off. Our goal was to create a powerful identity that would resonate with their key audiences–heads of government and leaders within the non-profit space throughout the U.S. We launched a website in four weeks, and continued to iterate upon the design through a design sprint format.

Design Sprint
Responsive Website
Information Design
Brand Book + Style Guide

Focus Area
Predictive Analytics


Our Process

As a new venture, giStrat needed a ton of materials in a short period of time. This wouldn’t have been possible without clear alignment around goals. So we started the process off by facilitating conversations around their objectives as a newly formed team and company. This entailed listening, observing, and distilling out the most valuable insights that could inform our design process. We then dove into the design process; creating a strong brand through a clean and sophisticated logo, responsive website, data viz pieces, and style guides.

We provided a style guide with rules around logo usage, color palette and typography which helped their marketing team develop additional and consistent marketing materials.

A Leader in Game Theory

With a deep understanding of giStrat’s target audiences–government officials, heads of NGOs, and the public–we translated their complex analytics system into terms anyone could grasp. The outcome was the design and development of a unique online experience that established giStrat as a leader in predictive analytics and game theory.

People ask us how we choose our clients and if we have certain criteria for selecting projects. This was a great example of a good cause with no existing track record, but our team saw the potential. Since launching in December 2015, giStrat has been featured in CSPAN, Bloomberg, and NextGov.

2-Day Design Sprint

giStrat was working hard to secure venture backed funding and without an in-house designer, we realized the need to adjust our process to meet their tight deadlines. By quickly adapting our processes without sacrificing quality, we ran a successful 2-day design sprint to iterate on their website. Through the addition of new web templates giStrat can now elaborate on their game theory methodologies and outcomes.