Our Work

Navigating Opioids for Chronic Pain

Project Overview

A coalition of Canadian and American doctors are working together to combat the opioid epidemic through their Safe Opioids Prescribing course at the University of Toronto. We knew complicated data and medical jargon wouldn’t be memorable or impactful, and so we sought an alternative, more visual way to teach the concept of Morphine Equivalence to physicians and patients being prescribed opioids. Our goal was to provide a teaching tool that could help reduce the practice of high dose opioid prescribing.

Content Strategy
Visual Design
Data Visualization


Focus Area
Health + Advocacy


Launch Infographic

Our Approach

We created a data visualization connecting the morphine equivalence of commonly prescribed opioids drug to the high risk of taking them. The infographic needed to provide a significant amount of dosage information, as well as maintain a human element that could immediately visually show the risk for patients.