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Using Motion As a Teaching Tool for Vision Health

Project Summary

Based on the success of our first motion piece for AAO, we created this video on detecting symptoms and impediments to clear vision. The video shows you the world through the lens of a lovable eyeball who, through simple activities like driving and grocery shopping, demonstrates the effects different eye diseases can have on our vision. The video has made a splash with +600k YouTube views and +1k shares within the first ten days of release. 

Script writing


Focus Area


On YouTube

Our protagonist, guide, and educator.

We wanted to make an otherwise dry topic–vision health, impaired vision and eye disease–more accessible and interesting for the general public to learn about. The beauty in motion is often in the characters, and in this case, our protagonist, who shows us what sort of factors may be contributing to impaired vision. By introducing the topic through the lens of a charismatic eye figurine, we’re able to show the realities surrounding eye diseases without trivializing the issue.

Science + Storytelling

Motiongraphics break down information into smaller, manageable pieces. Based on scientific findings and research, this motion piece presents facts in a way that can be shared, discussed, and enjoyed. Our goal was to use data and science to draw people in, advance their understanding of the subject-matter, and be more proactive about their own eye health. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with organizations such as AAO!

We love working with science and research-based organizations and hope you smiled and learned a thing or two!

Likeable = Shareable

The video was launched on World Sight Day, a perfect time to remind people of the importance of getting regular eye exams. Within a few days of posting on Facebook, the video received 450+ reactions, +1.5k shares and +39k views. We love motiongraphic videos because they have the potential to transform otherwise dry subject matter–how eye exams can help protect your vision from common eye diseases–into widely discussed and shared content. Now, go get your eyes checked!