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Explore the stories and data behind women's economic security

Project Overview

As Women’s Funding Network’s design partner, we launched an Economic Security Digital Storytelling Platform at the 12th and final Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Worldwide, the face of poverty belongs to women and children; women’s foundations are changing this, community by community. This digital storytelling tool is data-driven, yet narrative, and showcases the evidence of women’s foundations’ ongoing commitment to ensuring women’s economic prosperity.

Website Design
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Design Sprint

Focus Area
Girls’ and Women’s Rights

Launch Microsite

Project Kickoff + Design Sprint

To set the direction for the project, Elefint conducted a one-day design sprint with the Executive Team at Women’s Funding Network. During the sprint we identified the narrative and intended goals of the piece. This unique interactive approach brings attention to a leading challenge facing women in the U.S. and around the world—economic security—and lifts up the vital work of women’s foundations addressing this issue.

Girls, Women, and the Global Goals

We helped Women’s Funding Network turn an in-depth research report into an engaging and dynamic experience, the strength of which gave the organization the opportunity to reveal the product at Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting. The project was launched in tandem with a newly announced initiative led by We Connect, Vital Voices, and No Ceilings called Girls, Women, and the Global Goals. We’re always in awe of our partners and couldn’t be more proud of Women’s Funding Network as they take on such a critical issue as advancing women’s economic participation!