Our Work

Bringing Solar Power to Rural Kenya

Project Summary

Powerhive finances and develops microgrid solar systems in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa. After securing funding to develop 100 micro-grids in west Kenya, Powerhive asked Elefint to create educational materials to support their customer acquisition efforts at local Barazas–or town gatherings. These pieces needed to educate people on the long-term benefits of investing in solar power and encourage them to ditch dirty kerosine for clean, reliable, end environmentally-friendly options. Our task at first was to create a culturally sensitive and informative brochure that could be tested in the field, and iterated upon for higher engagement and conversion in future.

Human Centered Design
Design Research
Content Strategy

Focus Area

Understanding our audience

Prior to pushing pixels, Elefint worked closely with the Powerhive team to understand the culture and context in which our materials would be used. Their field workers would be traveling to Kisii, a rural village in Kenya to get buyin from town leaders at the upcoming community baraza. Through our discussions with Powerhive, we learned that the people of Kisii live day-to-day with little to no interest in saving for the future.

An iterative design approach

With a deeper understanding of the culture, we began designing a brochure that quickly and clearly communicated the benefits of choosing solar energy over other alternatives. In just a few weeks, we developed a content strategy and rough mockups of a folded one pager that could be printed in Kenya. Content was tailored towards women, breadwinners, young people, and leaders in the Kisii village. Through evocative imagery, clear iconography and minimal content, the brochure quickly communicates the benefits of choosing Stima from Powerhive.