Project Summary

The brilliance of the PSI Impact Calculator, formerly known as the DALY Calculator, lies in its underlying mathematics. This interactive tool lets you look for optimal mixes of interventions that would have the most health impact on populations, compare and contrast country data, and download data for easy integration into donor-facing proposals and reports. Since it launched, the Impact Calculator has enabled PSI teams across the world to work much more efficiently.

User Experience
Information Design
Web Design + Development
Iterative Design

Focus Area
Reproductive Health

Impact Calculator

The old tool had an outdated design and user experience. The new interactive calculator we designed organizes interventions in a much more intuitive way.

Setting Context

The DALYs and couple years of protection (CYPs) are calculated based on country and approach. During our initial strategy phase with PSI, we discovered the need to provide more detail around the models used to estimate impact. While immersed in the tool, our design solution enables users to click on HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), for example, to learn more about how many infections and number of DALYs averted per individual after receiving HTC. PSI and its partners now have a responsive tool that offers a much broader analysis of their global interventions.


With a visual upgrade and significant improvements made to UX, the Impact Calculator has helped the PSI programming, field and development teams work more efficiently. The PSI Backstopping Team for example, reports using the calculator as an assessment tool to gauge how closely PSI is meeting their goals, and/or if more funding is required to extend a regional project. They can run numbers without having to wait for a response from other departments. Field teams and network members find the addition of the “export to excel” feature especially helpful in reporting back to donors and pitching programming ideas.