Our Work

A New Look for Oakland Charter Schools

Project Summary

Leadership Public Schools (LPS) is on a mission to equip underserved students with the skills and education needed to achieve college success and become leaders in their communities. A key part of LPS’s work is to develop replicable practices in the field, notably with their focus on Ed Tech Innovations. With 13 years under its belt, LPS was ready for a rebrand and new organizational website to clearly communicate their model for success in education.

UX + Digital

Focus Area


Close collaboration leads to great results

We approach every project with a fresh set of eyes and tailor our solutions to our clients’ specific creative challenges. As a studio that values collaboration, we worked closely with the leadership team over at LPS to create a brand everyone was happy about. Working with multiple stakeholders required flexibility and clear communication. Since they’re right across the bridge, many of the design critiques and pitches happened in person.

We sketched out hundreds of logo concepts before arriving at just the right one.

Storytelling Through Photography

We’re big advocates of using original photography to tell rich and provocative story. As the branding process evolved, we recognized the need for high-quality photography to bring in warmth and authenticity to their brand. We conducted a 1-day photo shoot and generated a library of 50 images that can be used in both print and digital pieces.