Follow A Re-Brand in Real Time

Design Tips

Hi Folks,

Welcome to our first experiment to offer a window into our work process as we design a new brand for Thousand Currents (formerly known as IDEX). We created this blog to help the Thousand Currents’ community stay up-to-date on the latest developments with updates as the brand evolves. Check back in to get a concrete idea of what it is actually like to go through a rebranding process, at least from our perspective.

Iro, Elefint’s Senior Designer


June 17th

The next step in the branding process is to create a mood board, which entails recommended brand colors, type families and potential patterns. Let’s take a look at the work in progress…

Color palette
Our recommendation is a bright color palette consisting of a purple, red, blue and green as the primary colors, which allow the brand to stand out from their competitors. The modern hues give this palette a welcoming, grounded feel while maintaining a clean, contemporary, and professional look. They are encapsulating the fresh thinking behind the brand, while the more muted dusty beige colors, balance out the brights and have the potential to lend a more serious tone, evoking professionalism and excellence.


The brand image will be supported by clean typography and clearly organized layouts.

The eye-grabbing headlines we suggest is typeset in a strong and distinct typeface called Ethos, a serif font, which is unique and fitting with the brand in that it has a distinctive character of geometrically shaped letters with soft rounded corners. This adds a touch of personality, while it creates a unified image with “Gotham”, the font used throughout.

The boldness of the headline font will be balanced out though the use of a contemporary sans serif font for body copy.
The end result would be authoritative but still accessible.

Below you can see the recommended typefaces in hierarchical order, while on the right you see a possible application.


In addition to the typefaces we mention above, we also recommend using a hand written typeface, which adds a relatable and personal touch to the brand. The combination of sans-serif and handwritten fonts create a clean and modern and look and feel.

The hand written typeface can be used more sparingly and targeted. You can find an application example below, where the handwritten typeface is used in combination with a photograph of a person and a quote, making the experience of the story more relatable and unique. Please keep in mind that these are all examples of applications, as we are figuring out what the Thousand Currents brand looks like. 


This is it for now. More to come soon,

June 24th

In addition to creating the mood board of the Thousand Currents brand, we are also simultaneously developing the concept for the logo.
As with every branding project, we are always sketching a big variety of options in order to arrive at the final result. Most of these sketches remain hidden during the process. Below however you can see an image from my sketchbook, which is exploring the concept of fluidity and movement.


Stay tuned for further updates, as we get closer to building all the components of this identity.


August 9th

After a few rounds of logo sketches we decided we would like to go with a more timeless approach. We believe it would make the most sense for the brand to remove any complex illustrations or icons and create something more integrated and typographic. The “Thousand Currents” name is already pretty symbolic and visual, so we explored how to be clever with the typography and implementation of the mark into the logotype.

Below you see a few of the options we believe worked the best. The tricky part here is to make sure the mark, which is created through the letter “o” and “u” is not too busy and yet easily recognizable.


After experimenting with the typographic options, we came to the conclusion that the lowercase option shown below is the closest to what we believe is a timeless, strong, bold and unique logotype.


We are currently turning  the above sketch into a digital version as well as working on the color scheme.

Looking forward to your comments,