The ACLU On Why Every Nonprofit Should Prioritize Design

"The folks here helped make my vision really come to life." -Ana Zamora, Criminal Justice Policy Director @ The ACLU of Northern California
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Here’s what Ana Zamora, Criminal Justice Policy Director at the ACLU of Northern California, has to say about her experience at Desgnit.


Quick recap: A few months ago Elefint ran its sixth annual Desgnit benefitting the ACLU of Northern California. In just three short days, nestled in the woods of Tahoe, a hand-selected team of 15 people including senior Art Directors, designers, animators, and experts from the ACLU developed a campaign focused on criminal justice reform. We can’t say too much before the launch (in just a few weeks!!!!) but we can say everyone involved went above and beyond to make this one of the most memorable Desgnit events yet. We’re hopeful this campaign–the brand, animated explainer video, website and SEO magic–will make a big splash and change peoples lives for years to come.

We promise to write a more detailed post on our Desgnit process and campaign outcomes once it launches, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, hear why Ana from the ACLU thinks every nonprofit should prioritize design:  




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