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The brilliance of the PSI Impact Calculator, formerly known as the PSI DALY Calculator, was far more present in its underlying mathematics than in its presentation. The tool allowed users to look for optimal mixes of interventions that would have the most health impact on populations. PSI wanted to share this tool with more partners, but unfortunately, the original calculator did not orient users to its purpose or functionality, making it difficult for people to use. The new Impact Calculator has the potential to reach a broader audience and should lead to even better analysis of the most effective interventions.

An Inside Look

The old calculator was outdated both in its design and user experience. For each step in the process, users had to wait for the page to load to view results. It also reset to the beginning if a single change was made. There was also no way to compare and contrast country data, or easily find the total number of DALYs averted. This was a frustrating experience for anyone who relied on this tool.

Our Redesign

Originally, a landing page and descriptive introductory text was absent from the tool, making its purpose unclear to new users. Our re-design incorporated elements of the PSI brand and added a landing page that provided more context before launching the tool. During our initial strategy discussions, we also discovered the need to provide more information about the specific interventions. The new tool now enables users to either launch the calculator by selecting a country, or learn more about the PSI models used to calculate the effectiveness of each intervention.

Improved UX + Design

The Impact Calculator we developed incorporates widgets and tabs that organizes interventions between current and new. In-Country Interventions (current) are visible by default, while Additional PSI Interventions (new) are hidden. This saves a significant amount of time, and screen space, for users. In addition, the new tool has more robust features including the ability to compare and contrast DALYs for up to four countries at a time. PSI and its partners now have a responsive tool that offers a much broader analysis of their global interventions. With a significantly improved visual and UX design, the tool is more intuitive, easy on the eyes and even fun to use.

Launch Impact Calculator

Updated PSI Impact Calculator

When PSI updated their brand we went ahead and worked with them and refreshed the visualsĀ of the calculator.


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