Why the Right Font Matters

Typography is one of the most important elements of design.

The right typeface can add the perfect look and feel to your Web site, appeal letter, or annual report. But until recently designers were constrained by a very limited choice of fonts that could be used online.  As a result, most designers relied on standard Web fonts like Arial and Verdana.

But with some exciting changes in technology, nonprofits now have more options than ever before when they’re choosing fonts for their Web sites and online communications.

New online resources such as Typekit, Google Web Fonts, and @Font-Face have changed Web design by offering hundreds of great fonts that render correctly on any Web browser. That change makes it easier for a nonprofit to find Web-compatible fonts that can help define its image.

Below are three examples of Web sites that are taking advantage of these options to make good use of typography. To show just how important typography is to each design, I have accompanied screen shots of the real size with an image of what the page would look like if the designer had chosen a different font.

Take a look at some of these sites we re-purposed with new typefaces.
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