Link of the Week: Instead App

At Elefint, we’re passionate about sharing knowledge related to how design can make the world a better place. Therefore each week we are going to post a link and a short write up about something interesting that crosses our path.

This week we took a look at instead, a mobile app that encourages people to make a difference by making simple changes to their daily routine.

Insisting that everyone can be a philanthropist, instead asks its users to substitute everyday indulgences (like buying lunch or going to the movies) with low-cost alternatives, and invites them to donate their savings to a worthy cause.

One of the most intriguing things about this app–and about the micro-philanthropy trend it represents–is that it reminds us of the enormous power our consumption choices can have. Giving up something as simple as your morning coffee, can provide others with resources they desperately need, like clean water or HIV medication. With well-designed apps like instead helping users tweak their spending habits, we believe the potential to both do good and feel good is limitless.

Learn more here or try it out for yourself. Download the iPhone app.




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