The Challenge of Designing for Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations are increasingly turning to the web to get their message to the world and attract donations. Those in the industry reveal the secrets for success in the sector.

Any organization lacking a web presence in 2012 cannot succeed, and this couldn’t be truer for non-profits. So claims hjc’s design and creative manager Daniel Abercrombie: “Think about when you were last exposed to a new brand – what did you do? You searched online and found the website. For non-profits, this is essential, because brand recognition isn’t always easy.”

Websites for non-profits bring further major benefits; as Annertech’s website developer Anthony Lindsay says, “there are no opening hours, and it’s available worldwide, delivering a message, raising awareness, and offering the opportunity for fund-raising”. A successful, well-executed website brings potential for connecting with people in an efficient and affordable manner, and it can rapidly become the heart of a non-profit or charity’s communications. Technology can offer further support, from integration with social networks through to campaign management, recruitment and activism.

But while a great website can help move a cause forward, even seasoned designers may find applying existing techniques and methodologies difficult in the non-profit space.

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