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Elefint has some ideas brewing, and we’re looking forward to sharing them at SXSW14 BUT we need your support. Our topics are interesting and thought provoking, and one is even experiential. We promise our speakers are only the best and brightest elefints around. Read on to vote for the one(s) you like!

Topic 1: Inspired Design – Meditation and Creativity

Creativity allows us to break through monotony and express the inexpressible. As creators and builders, we push ourselves to the limits in all respects, driving change through our ideas. Carrying this responsibility requires a big vision, lots of energy, and the ability to face uncertainty with courage and equanimity. We all have different ways of clearing our minds – maybe it’s heading to the beach, hiking, cycling – but sadly these activities are too often pushed aside by a lack of time and energy. Even when we do make time, the effects of these activities tend not to last more than a few hours. Enter meditation. Meditation is not only an amazing tool to re-center and clear the mind, it also rewires the way we operate to keep us in a space of creativity, energy and clarity in the long run. The quality of our work and life is deeply tied to the state of our mind. During this session, we’ll explore the mind’s powerful capabilities and teach practical techniques to help you unplug.  CAST YOUR VOTE

Topic 2: Cross-Pollination—The Best Ideas are Still to Come

How many times have you sat in front of your computer, knowing you should be whipping up a beautiful design, stunning new interaction, your best idea yet—but drawn a blank? How often do you find yourself combing the same 3 websites for inspiration or relying on past projects as building blocks for new ones rather than truly innovating? We know all the good ideas aren’t gone, but how do we innovate when our creative reserves—and usual tools for refueling them—run dry? The answer lies far from your computer, the folder of inspiration tucked inside your desk, or even your colleagues. The answer lies in cross-pollination, or the notion of combining 2 radically different disciplines, people, ideas, or places to form something that is truly original. During this session, I will present case studies demonstrating successes born from cross-pollination, open minds to its vast possibilities, and provide the tools and resources necessary for attendees to make this method of discovery their own.  CAST YOUR VOTE

Topic 3: Walking the Line Between Good and Money

Social entrepreneurship (non- or for-profit enterprises whose primary mission is to create positive change in the world, or “social value”) is gaining speed in the business and nonprofit worlds. Social entrepreneurs walk a fine line between the opposing motives of social and financial value. Attracting investors/clients is difficult if the organization is perceived as inefficient or unlikely to make a good return for investors, but donors may be put off by suspicion that a “social” enterprise that is run as a for-profit business will place too much emphasis on profit and not enough on the values they wish to support. Also, for-profits are often ineligible for foundation- or government-funded grants. Additionally, there is an ethical dilemma inherent in a mission of creating social and financial value simultaneously. We will discuss these issues and explore solutions to the logistical and ethical dilemma of staying financially afloat while maintaining the integrity of a social mission. CAST YOUR VOTE

Topic 4: Big Data: Rise above the Buzz for Social Impact

Big data has the power to change the world. But for every new piece of valuable data, a larger pile of useless data obscures it. It’s tough work to sift through it all to find the pieces that lead us to greater insights. Organizations and individuals need to understand what stories they want to tell with their data. They need to learn how to gather the right kinds of data and to do so with a strategic understanding of how they can become insightful information tied to a larger narrative. When the right data are gathered in the right way and presented intelligently, that is where the magic of data begins to fulfill its promise. Learn how to understand, process, visualize and communicate your big data – and how to avoid the pitfalls that doom many data for good efforts. We will feature case studies from organizations that are using data to transform their work and share insights from journalists, designers, and social-change leaders who are confronting these issues every day. CAST YOUR VOTE

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