Our Work

Navigating Opioids for Chronic Pain

Project Overview

A coalition of Canadian and American doctors are working together to combat the opioid epidemic by educating patients as well as doctors through their Safe Opioids Prescribing course. Informed prescribing optimized treatment of chronic pain and mitigates harm and dependencies. Knowing that complicated data and medical jargon wouldn’t be memorable or impactful, they were seeking an alternative, more visual way to teach the concept of the morphine equivalence to physicians and opioid prescribers to reduce practice of high dose opioid prescribing  (>90mg morphine equivalents).

Content Strategy
Visual Design
Data Visualization


Focus Area
Health + Advocacy


Launch Infographics


Our Approach

We created a data visualization connecting the morphine equivalence of commonly prescribed opioids drug to the high risk of taking them. The infographic needed to provide a significant amount of dosage information, as well as maintain a human element that could immediately visually show the risk for patients.

Advocacy + Impact

One of the biggest contributors to error in opioid use is the lack of awareness of relative strengths of the various different opioids. We are excited that this infographic addresses just that. It has been published throughout Canadian medical outlets, shown on television, and translated and distributed throughout the country in French. An American version is also available and distributed throughout the medical community.