Link of the Week: Look&Cook

Cooking isn’t always easy. And while there is an app for that (many apps actually), certain things––like needing to read recipes from far away or needing to touch the screen––can make using one seem like more trouble than its worth.

But, this week, we found an app that may be a true aid in the kitchen.

Look & Cook is an iPad cookbook that caught our eye not only because of its stunning high definition photographs, but also because of its attentively-designed user experience. Taking into consideration the inconveniences app users face when they’re in the kitchen, Look & Cook includes such useful features as timers embedded in recipes, a mode for easy reading from the kitchen counter, and-–perhaps most importantly for cooks that tend to get their hands dirty––voice-activated navigation.

Like any great app, Look & Cook helps makes life (the cooking part of it anyway) a little easier.




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