Eyeo: Data Viz and Data Art

The world may not have yet settled on the exact term for data artists, creative coders, and interaction designers, but whatever you call the talented people who congregate at Eyeo, you don’t want to miss their inspiring work.

Eyeo collects some of the world’s most talented creators, many of whom work at the increasingly important intersection of the digital and the physical worlds, and who seem to possess a hacker/artist ethic in their professional lives.  One of the most refreshing aspects of Eyeo was how the quality of the work and love of the craft almost always superseded the commercial viability of what was on display.  Many of Eyeo’s presenters expressed great joy in freely sharing the building blocks of their work, watching the amazing ways people built on their creations – taking new steps which the creators never anticipated.

Eyeo’s presenters shared an inspiring collection of work, from large scale public interaction design projects to the latest in data visualization, while others blurred the boundaries of the digital and physical with 3-d printing and cutting edge research into augmented and virtual reality.  Eyeo is a lot of things, and whatever your background you’re sure to leave it with a lot of new knowledge and a strong desire to create in new ways.  We attend a lot of great conferences each year, and for those interested in design, programming, or the future of technology, this intimate gathering in Minnesota is one you won’t want to miss.




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