EG Conference Recap

These days almost everyone has heard of the TED conference – an exciting mix of innovators, educators, designers, scientist, artists, musicians, and other extraordinary people that gather each year to give short talks on the fascinating work they are doing. Before turning into the global online phenomenon it has become, TED was hosted for many years in a small theater in the Monterey Conference Center.

Last month, I had the chance to attend EG, a conference started by TED’s founders that is held in the same spot in Monterey where TED used to be.  While many conferences bring together experts on a specific subject, EG thrives on an eclectic mix of architects, art forgers, actors, scientists, explorers, filmmakers, academics, iconoclasts, musicians, and a collection of other inspirational figures. The intimate environment (250 people or so) allows for real connections to form with speakers and fellow attendees alike, while the content provides juicy material to spark lively interactions.

Gatherings like EG are increasingly becoming one of my favorite ways to connect with like-minded people, while forging new interdisciplinary relationships that encourage innovation and never fail to inject a burst of inspiration into my personal and professional lives.  I left each session of EG with a big new idea for my life and/or business, and met some incredible people who i now consider friends.

If the only conferences you’ve ever been to are little more than an excuse to escape the office while getting drunk on the company’s dollar, I highly recommend looking into gatherings like EG, which are an amazing blend of knowledge and inspiration, shared with people you will want to connect with on a much deeper level than their networking value.  In a world that seems more and more focused on constant innovation and endless learning, gatherings like EG are a great fit.




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