Designing a GOOD 2014

By John Hanawalt, Senior Visual Designer

A new year is upon us, and with it expectations that we’ll put some effort into becoming better versions of our—already pretty decent—selves. I’m not one for resolutions— I stopped promising to exercise and read more years ago—but if I could suggest one New Year’s resolution for designers it would be this:

Design something good.

I don’t mean design something well. You’re doing a bang up job of that already. I mean design something that makes the world slightly better than it was before you designed it.

Design has the ability to inform, inspire, and affect change; and if you don’t believe that, pack up your things and call it a day. At Webstock ‘13, Mike Monteiro made a pretty compelling argument that designers destroyed the world. Make your 2014 resolution to help put it back together.

The world is a big place with big problems, but you can start small. Instead of spending your time on another Dribbble redesign of the iOS7 icons, design something in support of a cause that matters to you. Consider offering discounted rates to nonprofit clients. Or if you have the resources, maybe even do a little pro-bono work.

You may even find that collaborating with people tackling issues like homelessness, health care inequity, and civil rights changes the way you approach other design problems.

What other design-related resolutions are you making this year?




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