Design Tip: When Designing for Mobile, Context Matters

Think about the last time you used your mobile device. Were you sitting at home browsing the internet? Were you typing a long email to a friend? Were you doing in-depth research?

Most of us would answer these questions with a “no.”

Mobile devices aren’t just smaller––they’re different. That’s why, when designing for a mobile device, it’s important to think carefully about what people will and won’t be doing on it.

Take GoodGuide for example, a website with a corresponding mobile app that connects people with ratings of consumer products based on their health, environmental, and social impact. The GoodGuide mobile app isn’t just a miniature version of their website; it provides an entirely kind of different user experience. Designed for on-the-go shopper, the app allows users to scan barcodes and instantly receive product ratings and information as they shop. It takes into consideration both the unique potential of the mobile platform and the environment in which people are likely to use the app. In this way, the GoodGuide mobile app shows us that, in mobile design, context matters.




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