Design Tip: When Creating Motiongraphics, Start with the Story

Chances are you’ve seen this motiongraphic for the The Girl Effect campaign. Since its release in 2008, this video has garnered over a million views on YouTube and has captured the attention of major media outlets and ordinary people alike.

But why exactly does this motiongraphic captivate audiences? What makes it so appealing?

A great motiongraphic designer understands that the medium is only as good as the content, and behind the most engaging motiongraphics are compelling stories. The Girl Effect video is no exception. It has a well-written script that guides viewers through the campaign’s message using a simple, yet powerful narrative––a girl living in poverty can change the world if only given the chance.

To create a motiongraphic that stands out like the Girl Effect video, you need to tell a good story. Write a script far before the design process begins, so that you fully understand what you’re trying to say before you say it. Start with the story, and your work will attract the attention it deserves.




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