Design Tip: Make the Earth a Part of Your Mission, Not Your Logo

Organizations doing good in the world often fall into similar patterns, such as incorporating the planet into their logos. But if every socially minded organization had a similar mark, nothing unique or compelling would be communicated. This happens more than you would think; just look at all 0f the nonprofits out there using the Earth in their logos. This deludes their brands, which get lost in the sea of planet-themed logos out there. To help your brand attract attention, it’s important to create a mark that is striking, rather than clichéd. For an unmistakable logo, you need to replace the Earth with a more distinctive symbol.

Take the logo for WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) for example. By refraining from including the planet in their logo–even when a large part of their mission is to conserve the earth–WWF was able to came up with one of the most recognizable non-profit brands in existence: their trademark panda. Follow their example, and think about how you can innovate to help your logo stand out from the crowd.




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