Design Tip: Illustrate Your Point

Illustration alone is rarely what attracts the average person to a motiongraphic. But, what’s a beautiful motiongraphic without beautiful visual design? Even motiongraphics that use great animation techniques need well-executed original illustrations in order to be appealing.

Take this motiongraphic, created for the Gates Foundation, as an example. When watching it, you are much more likely to notice its snappy animation than its illustrations. But, without a solid base of beautiful visual design, the animation in this motiongraphic wouldn’t be nearly as captivating and the piece as a whole would suffer.

Beautiful visual design is the backbone of a beautiful motiongraphic. And, as the example above shows, designing a great motiongraphic is a process that requires different skill sets. To create a motiongraphic that’s as stunning as this one, make sure that your team has all the essential talents––including a great illustrator.




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