Design Tip: Choice is Bad

We like to think that having a lot options will make us happier. But, in truth, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when we’re faced with too many choices.

Nowhere is this more true than on the web. In this age of information overload––where we’re constantly being bombarded by emails, social media feeds, and instant messages––few things are more soothing than clear choices. The most successful websites nowadays provide a simple user experience, where options are limited and only the most crucial content is featured.

To get a feel for what we mean, take a look at the website for One, the grassroots campaign to end poverty. By including just a few menu buttons at the top and by guiding viewers through well-curated content, the site eliminates any non-essential choices for users and leaves them with the information that they really want to see. And for this reason, One’s website stands out as a user-friendly web design.

So, while designing your user’s online experience, remember: when it comes to choice, less is more.




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