rebrand_meaning Feb 24

Elefint Trunk: Curated Design and Data Viz Resources

We often get questions from clients and friends looking for ways to learn more about design and data visualization: Where do I go for design inspiration? What are some great magazines/books to keep by my side? How do I jump into the data viz design process myself? We’ve collected our answers to these questions and...Read More

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rebranding_blog Jan 7

Why Your Logo Matters (and Needs to Change)

You know your logo matters, but do you need help articulating why? Many of our clients include organizations that were established decades ago, and while their program model and philosophy may have evolved over the years, the logo and brand are often left behind in the dust. The reasons for this oversight vary; perhaps no...Read More

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philaculture Oct 9

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance: Building a Path to Economic Prosperity through Arts & Culture

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (Alliance) is the driving force behind why Philadelphia has been a hub of arts and culture for the past 40 years. Because of the Alliance, the community can take advantage of museums, theaters, and other venues; arts and culture organizations can access financial and capacity support; professionals can connect to...Read More

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newlsetter links we love-01 Dec 12

Links we love! December 2014

Check out the links below to get a glimpse of what’s been circulating in the Elefint office the past month — matters ranging from the serious to lifestyle to design to just good ol’ fun: The shape of the world’s population has changed – pyramid to..obelisk? Real-time visualization of cyber attacks – incredible, and purty. More

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poptech2013 (1) Dec 9

PopTech 2013

By Matthew Scharpnick, Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer Every year brilliant innovators and leaders from a variety of disciplines descend on the beautiful town of Camden, Maine, just in time for the leaves to change. They arrive from around the world for PopTech, an event that brings together fascinating artists, musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, academics, athletes,...Read More

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eyeo-recap Jul 17

Eyeo: Data Viz and Data Art

The world may not have yet settled on the exact term for data artists, creative coders, and interaction designers, but whatever you call the talented people who congregate at Eyeo, you don’t want to miss their inspiring work. Eyeo collects some of the world’s most talented creators, many of whom work at the increasingly important...Read More

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amelias-conf Jul 17

Accessibility in Web Design: Webvisions Insights

Most people don’t think about accessibility in web design. Those that do think about it, think it’s either too big of a problem to solve, or something they can just include as a ‘quick fix’ at the end of a job. So argued Derek Featherstone as part of his talk on Accessibility in Web Design,...Read More

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link-warning-signs Jun 4

Link of the Week: Inviting “Warning” Signs

Imagine you’re touring the grounds of a historic manor on the English countryside, and you pass a warning sign. It says, “Keep on the grass.” Yes, you did read that right. The National Trust (a conservation agency that protects England’s historic country houses) commissioned UK firm The Click Design to create a series of signs...Read More

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