blog-wwf-logo May 8

Design Tip: Make the Earth a Part of Your Mission, Not Your Logo

Organizations doing good in the world often fall into similar patterns, such as incorporating the planet into their logos. But if every socially minded organization had a similar mark, nothing unique or compelling would be communicated. This happens more than you would think; just look at all 0f the nonprofits out there using the Earth...Read More

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blog-contextmatters May 1

Design Tip: When Designing for Mobile, Context Matters

Think about the last time you used your mobile device. Were you sitting at home browsing the internet? Were you typing a long email to a friend? Were you doing in-depth research? Most of us would answer these questions with a “no.” Mobile devices aren’t just smaller––they’re different. That’s why, when designing for a mobile...Read More

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tip-motiongraphics Apr 25

Design Tip: When Creating Motiongraphics, Start with the Story

Chances are you’ve seen this motiongraphic for the The Girl Effect campaign. Since its release in 2008, this video has garnered over a million views on YouTube and has captured the attention of major media outlets and ordinary people alike. But why exactly does this motiongraphic captivate audiences? What makes it so appealing? A great...Read More

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tip-labeling Apr 18

Design Tip: Use Direct Labels on Infographics

As a viewer trying to interpret data on an infographic, having to switch back and forth between a legend and a chart can be a cumbersome task. And since the purpose of an infographic is to make information as easy as possible for people to understand, it doesn’t make sense to expect audiences to search...Read More

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Be Concise Apr 16

Design Tip: Be Concise on the Web

On the web, people don’t stick around very long if they don’t understand you. All too often, socially-minded organizations lose web viewers because they fail to explain their work in a clear and concise manner. To keep visitors attracted to your website, it’s helpful to explain the nature of your organization in a single sentence...Read More

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tip-simplicity Apr 3

Design Tip: Keep Your Logo Simple

Since logos play an important role in shaping your brand, it’s tempting to try and cram every brand trait into your mark. But that tends to result in a logo that is a muddled mess. To create the most effective and striking mark, we’ve found it’s better to focus on one strong emotion or idea....Read More

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books matt just read Mar 26

Books Matt is reading in early 2013

I’ve been reading a number of really interesting books so far this year. Well, reading isn’t exactly true, more like listening. Audiobooks are a huge time saver for me. Here’s a snapshot of the three I have been working on in 2013. – Matt The Power of Habit – This is an amazing look at...Read More

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tip-surprise Mar 19

Design Tip: Creating an Element of Surprise

Learning is about discovering what’s new. When telling a story through data, find and showcase information that teaches viewers something they did not know before—insights that are often counter intuitive. The piece above for example, illustrates how even drastic cuts to important programs only scratch the surface of the U.S. debt. With all the talk...Read More

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