article-net-mag Jan 22

The Challenge of Designing for Nonprofits

We share our thoughts and examples of client work in the British publication .net Magazine. Read More

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blog-tagline Jan 17

Sum Up Your Charity’s Work in One Simple Tag Line

It’s easy to understand what Amnesty International is and what it does. But all too often, nonprofits—and even big businesses—make the mistake of failing to have an effective tag line. Read More

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blog-fonts Dec 3

Why the Right Font Matters

The right typeface can add the perfect look and feel to your Web site, appeal letter, or annual report. But until recently designers were constrained by a very limited choice of fonts that could be used online. Read More

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blog-ssir Aug 1

SSI: Design and Good Causes

Read our latest posts in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about why design matters. Read More

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