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3 Strategic Must-Do’s for a Smooth Creative Process

As many of our clients know, all of our design projects start with strategy. The strategy that we hash out together serves as a roadmap for the work that follows. After all, without a map, getting to the final destination might never happen. Things like a compass, guidebook and map help travelers along their journey....Read More

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Ingredients for a successful website design

There’s a question designers get all the time: “What’s good design?” and the first response many of us have is “How do we even begin to answer that?” The answer depends on so many factors, and designers go through years of training and practice before reaching a level of expertise considered “good design.” The process...Read More

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Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy, giving a TED talk. Jan 2

Best books of 2015

As has become an Elefint tradition, here are a few books our co-founder Matt loved reading last year.  Happy new year everyone. Last year I shared my top 5 favorite books and 5 more honorable mentions. This year I had just 6 that I really wanted to share. I hope you get the chance to read some...Read More

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Using Google Analytics for Better Design

Do you find Google Analytics a mess of numbers and line graphs? How do you know which ones to pay attention to? What tips and tricks should you know about, if you really want to understand how your website is being used — and who’s using it? We had these questions and more about Google...Read More

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The Resilience of Poptech

Years ago, my co-founder Gopika and I, traveled to New York for a gathering which was marketed as a collection of the best people working in the social sector. The premise excited us because for many years we have seen how the best resources in society often flow to the private sector instead of to...Read More

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On Strategy and Social Media

Elefint's summer Strategy Intern, Alex Nguyen, recaps his findings on the role social media plays for smaller organizations and businesses, while reflecting on his summer here at Elefint.Read More

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How to Create Eye-Catching Graphics With Integrity

Data can be a powerful tool for those of us who want to try to change the world. We can use data to help prove that there’s a problem, to illustrate an important argument, or to show impact. But if we’re not careful, data can be dangerous. We’ve all seen examples of how data can be...Read More

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Have you noticed Elefint has a new fint?

Creative Director, Gopika Prabhu shares a short narrative about Elefint’s rebrand. A lot has changed at Elefint since we first started out almost five years ago. We’ve grown from 2 people to 11, moved from an Oakland apartment to our studio in Potrero Hill, from working with a handful of clients, to partnering with 100+...Read More

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