Books Matt is reading in early 2013

I’ve been reading a number of really interesting books so far this year. Well, reading isn’t exactly true, more like listening. Audiobooks are a huge time saver for me.

Here’s a snapshot of the three I have been working on in 2013.

– Matt

The Power of Habit – This is an amazing look at how we form and reform habits. This book weaves together anecdotal stories with the latest in psychological and sociological research, to produce a practical guide for how we can create, break, and modify our habits. Since so much of our life is determined by the routine actions we don’t even think about, and since will power tends to be temporary at best, this book has to power to dramatically effect your life, as it has mine.

The Signal and the Noise – Now that we have an unimaginable amount of data, we can accurately predict just about everything, right? Wrong. Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight fame examines the human essential component of predictions, finding ways to find more signal in a world of way more noise. With all the hype about big data going around, this book presents a fascinating look into what is required to find value in information overload.

To Sell is Human – To sell is human takes the position that these days we are all selling something, and that selling is an important part of being human. Teachers sell their students on the value of an education, and co-workers sell one another on the importance of an idea. Selling and non-sales selling are a vital part of our economy and daily lives, and what makes these acts of persuasion successful may surprise you.




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