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3 Strategic Must-Do’s for a Smooth Creative Process

As many of our clients know, all of our design projects start with strategy. The strategy that we hash out together serves as a roadmap for the work that follows. After all, without a map, getting to the final destination might never happen. Things like a compass, guidebook and map help travelers along their journey....Read More

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Elefint Trunk: Curated Design and Data Viz Resources

We often get questions from clients and friends looking for ways to learn more about design and data visualization: Where do I go for design inspiration? What are some great magazines/books to keep by my side? How do I jump into the data viz design process myself? We’ve collected our answers to these questions and...Read More

ingredients for successful design Feb 22

Ingredients for a successful website design

There’s a question designers get all the time: “What’s good design?” and the first response many of us have is “How do we even begin to answer that?” The answer depends on so many factors, and designers go through years of training and practice before reaching a level of expertise considered “good design.” The process...Read More

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Why Your Logo Matters (and Needs to Change)

You know your logo matters, but do you need help articulating why? Many of our clients include organizations that were established decades ago, and while their program model and philosophy may have evolved over the years, the logo and brand are often left behind in the dust. The reasons for this oversight vary; perhaps no...Read More

Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy, giving a TED talk. Jan 2

Best books of 2015

As has become an Elefint tradition, here are a few books our co-founder Matt loved reading last year.  Happy new year everyone. Last year I shared my top 5 favorite books and 5 more honorable mentions. This year I had just 6 that I really wanted to share. I hope you get the chance to read some...Read More


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