Desgnit Oakland

June 2-4, 2017

Desgnit is coming your way, Oakland!

Learn more and apply here:

And check out the video recapping previous events in Tahoe. Tahoe from Elefint Designs on Vimeo.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the event. Each year, we pair exceptional design talent up with select non-profit organizations. We invite designers based on their areas of expertise and needs for the event, and curate an experience that most often than not, leaves people in tears…for good reasons of course. Over the course of 1 ½ days, each team produces an incredible amount of work–valued at over $100k!! Each nonprofit can begin using the materials immediately following the weekend. While designers are hard at work, the executive teams from each org participates in hands-on strategic workshops. While the format of the event has evolved over the years, our inspiration to do good stays the same.

In 2017, for our 6th annual event, and based off numerous requests to expand, we’ve decided to take Desgnit on the road across the US.  First up is Oakland, CA on June 2-4, 2107. 


Apply to join us in Oakland! Elefint is planning to work with two local non-profit organization, while exploring all that makes Oakland so rad. If you’re interested in participating as a designer, hosting a workshop, volunteering, or being one of the select beneficiary orgs, visit to learn more and apply.